Safety is the duty of every individual for continued health and survival. Webster defines “Safety” as the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury or loss¹. The daily work conditions encountered while on the job present multiple opportunities for injury. Conducting your actions while on the job in a behavior-based PROACTIVE manner allows you to plan and think for your own safety and the safety of those working with you.

It is the policy of Penn Mechanical Group, Inc. to protect the safety and health of our valued employees. Providing safe working conditions and maintaining continuity of employment is of continual concern as injury and illness losses from accidents are needless, costly, and completely preventable.

Penn Mechanical Group, Inc. has established a behavior-based PROACTIVE Safety Management Program that will help us prevent injury and illness. Instead of being responsible for accidents, our company encourages managers to be responsible for creating an accident prevention process. This Behavior-Based Safety Program provides both a guiding vision and flexible procedures by which we prevent at- risk behaviors and promote safe ones. In this regard, it is vital that adequate policies and procedures be developed and adhered to in order to ensure safe, efficient operating conditions thereby safeguarding employees, customers and facilities.

Penn Mechanical Group, Inc. will NOT knowingly permit unsafe conditions to exist, nor will it permit employees to indulge in unsafe acts. Violation of Penn Mechanical Group, Inc.’s rules and regulations will result in disciplinary action. Pennsylvania, or applicable state law, will supersede and/or coincide with any/ all policies and procedures contained herein. Each employee of Penn Mechanical Group, Inc. is expected and required to obey all Pennsylvania (or applicable state) laws.

Employee involvement at all levels of the company is critical for us to be successful in this effort – Supervisors cannot be on all jobsites at all times. To further accomplish this task, in addition to the Policy and Procedures contained herein, a joint Employee/Supervisor/Management Safety Committee will be established. The purpose of the Safety Committee will be to bring Field Employees, Supervisors, and Management together in a cooperative effort to promote safety and health in the workplace.

The Safety Committee will assist Penn Mechanical Group, Inc. in making recommendations for change while discussing current trends, topics and industry knowledge relevant to our overall goal of PROACTIVELY promoting safety in our workplace.