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Our Core Operating Values

Our core operating values revolve around the safety and health of our people, the relationships and reputation we have built with our customers and communities, and the wellbeing of the land and resources we need to survive. These values are our unwavering beliefs, and we expect our employees to share our values as they have proven to be imperative to our success. Our management team is committed to promoting these values and building a safety culture that empowers our employees to take ownership of our company responsibilities. We will always strive for productive and efficient operations, but not at the cost of sacrificing safety or our social responsibilities. We expect our employees to come to work to better themselves and support the people whose lives depend on their success.

Safety Culture:

Leaders build culture, and our leadership team strives to provide a guiding vision through achievable policies and procedures that promote safe and efficient work. We believe that we must put the right leadership personnel in positions to lead by example and promote our safety culture or it will not succeed. We expect our employees to feel comfortable and empowered to stop work and act without fear of repercussion when they identify hazards and we reward them for their efforts. Our Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) program plays an integral role in the success of our safety culture by giving our employees an avenue to take ownership of their personal safety.

Investment in Safety:

Our leadership team believes that we must invest our time and money into employee safety and health to be successful and we have established an extensive training and safety incentive program to support our beliefs. 

Customer Safety Qualification & Auditing Memberships

First Aid, CPR, AED - American Red Cross - Certified Instructors

Drug and Alcohol Management:

Safeland USA

PADOL - Certified Safety Comitteee:

Chad Getty, CSP

HSE Director

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Eric Kerr, CHST

HSE Supervisor

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Ryan Pearce, CSP

HSE Supervisor

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Dustin White, GSP

HSE Coordinator

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The Penn Mechanical Group, Inc. Difference

Need a trusted partner in the oil and gas industry for construction services? Look no further. For over 25 years, Penn Mechanical Group, Inc. has had one of the best safety track records in the region.