Penn Mechanical Group, Inc. believes that the safety of our employees and physical property can best be ensured by a meaningful program. On the job responsibility and individual accountability are absolutely crucial to the success of Penn Mechanical’s PROACTIVE Safety Management Program. A brief synopsis of Employee, Supervisor, Management, and HSE responsibilities shall follow.


Each employee (full-time, part-time, and/or seasonal), regardless of their position within the company is expected to cooperate and participate in all aspects of Penn Mechanical’s PROACTIVE Safety Management Program. Since the employee on the job is frequently more aware of working conditions, both safe and unsafe, employees are encouraged to make recommendations, suggestions, and criticisms of unsafe conditions to their immediate Supervisor.


Supervisors are directly responsible for the working conditions within their department(s) and will be accountable for the working conditions within their department(s). This includes, but is not limited to, proper procedures, work practices, and safe practices on the job.

Supervisors must remain alert at all times to enforce company rules, take immediate corrective action to eliminate hazardous conditions, discipline employees who habitually create or indulge in unsafe practices, assess new or changed situations for inherent dangers, and follow up on employee suggestions for corrective action so that unsafe conditions are PROACTIVELY avoided. Supervisor WILL NOT permit safety to be sacrificed for any reason.


Management’s responsibility is the prevention of injury and illness. Management provides direction and full support to Supervisors and Employees regarding all safety and health procedures, job training and hazard elimination practices. Management MUST remain fully informed on safety and health issues throughout all areas of the company in order to constantly review the effectiveness of our PROACTIVE Safety Management Program.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is a joint conglomeration of Field Employees, Supervisors, and Management who have an appointed and vested interest in the general promotion of safety and health for Penn Mechanical Group, Inc. The Safety Committee is responsible for making recommendations on how to improve safety and health in the workplace through monthly meetings. The Safety Committee has been charged with the responsibility to gather input, define problems, promote accident prevention, identify hazards and recommend corrective action, help identify employee safety training, and investigate accidents for corrective action and future prevention. Decisions and recommendations will be communicated via monthly safety meetings.